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knowclub Like-minded(همفكران کانون دانش) Terms of Use Agreement

Dear visitors:
Welcome to the science center colleagues.
Before thinking of any one side of Negri human and we all accept that our ultimate goal is to promote humanity and God. So if you slip out of someone's head, guiding him and everyone should try at creating a context for reform, but also bring about social reform.

The most notable of these services:
Dear Friend:
When you click the registration form below Fsharyd; to say we know the full text of this agreement you accept all conditions set forth below.
1 - Age over 18 years. (This aspect of scientific research and the people working in this field are adults, so people under 18 are no membership fees.)
2 - You can not pursue a goal other than mentioned above.
3 - to communicate with others and have no intention to abuse or evil intent.
4 - provide information about yourself that you are registered with the site, only you are responsible for the consequences of your own that is everything.

6 - Use of names and titles hate abusive, vulgar, obscene, and the exotic and the forbidden, the offending person's membership is revoked.
7 - The use of erotic photographs and images that the public can not provide for them, is prohibited.
8 - All the information from you is stored in a database. Your information is never given to anyone without your permission or webmaster not be Alhza A. We did not steal any responsibility for their actions.
9 - membership in this section, you will use all its features, and whenever you want, you can cancel your membership.
10 - This section provided for personal use and for users of any commercial use is prohibited.

12 - You do not have the right to send mail annoying for anyone or group.
13 - respect the rights of others, that is what is responsible and accountable for every complaint from every single person is the person responsible.
14 - All references to the Persian text of this agreement is to be cited.
15 - The conditions set forth in this Agreement may be changed. This is your duty to visit the permanent changes of the last data Nmayydv If you have any objections to it, you can cancel your membership.

17 - If you have any questions regarding this agreement please contact us.

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